The most convenient way to grow your wealth in stablecoins.

How it works

Start by transferring SGD into your StraitsX account and allocate the minted XSGD into StraitsX Earn to begin.
StraitsX Earn converts XSGD into USD stablecoins, which are deployed into DeFi protocols.
Returns are generated from
DeFi protocols and products in USD stablecoins.
Returns are converted from USD stablecoins back to XSGD, which can then be transferred back to SGD.

Built with XSGD

Transparent & Trusted

Each XSGD will always be redeemable on a one-for-one basis with the Singapore Dollar on our platform. XSGD is fully backed by Singapore dollars held and safe guarded a licensed Singapore bank.

Where do the funds in StraitsX Earn go?

Deployed into stablecoin pools in highly selected and audited protocols

StraitsX Earn only deploys funds into audited Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols that comply with our internal risk management framework.

Funds in StraitsX Earn are currently being deployed into the Uniswap XSGD/USDC liquidity pool.*

Liquidity pools of XSGD/USDC pairings provide minimal volatility through stablecoins fully backed by strong underlying currencies.

*Updated 14 November 2022

Get started in 4 easy steps


Register for an account

Choose between signing up with MyInfo or fill in your information manually.

Link your bank account

Link your local bank account to enable bank transfers to and from your StraitsX account.

Transfer SGD

When you initate a bank transfer into your StraitsX account, we will credit an equivalent amount of XSGD to your StraitsX account.

Transfer XSGD into Earn

Simply navigate to the “Earn” tab on your dashboard and allocate XSGD into Earn to begin generating returns. Interest credited daily.

Calculate your returns

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100 XSGD

Projected 1 Year Interest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any transaction fees?
Will the rate offered by StraitsX Earn change?
Are there any limits to how much I can put into StraitsX Earn?
How do we determine which DeFi protocols to deploy assets to?
Does StraitsX Earn expose users to cryptocurrencies?
Why should I use StraitsX Earn when I can deploy my assets directly onto the DeFi protocol myself?
Is there a mobile app for StraitsX Earn?
*APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield and represents the the real rate of return earned on an investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. APY offered on StraitsX Earn is updated weekly.

StraitsX Earn is offered by Xfers Invest Pte. Ltd. (“XIPL”), which is an affiliate of Xfers Pte. Ltd. XIPL is not licensed or regulated by
the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). MAS does not endorse StraitsX Earn or any other service/product offered by XIPL.
StraitsX Earn is not a risk free product. Funds can be lost due to risks associated with decentralised finance protocols, such as smart contract risks, protocol failures, hacks from malicious attackers and other similar risks.