StraitsX is now a proud member of Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia!

January 11, 2022

Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI, or Indonesian Blockchain Association) is an association to organise blockchain actors in Indonesia. 

ABI aims to equip Indonesians by giving them the knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. Through this, ABI hopes to empower Indonesians with social progress and competitiveness in the blockchain technology space in Indonesia, and on an international level. 

ABI also democratises blockchain to the Indonesian business people, and the Indonesian society at large. ABI studies the Indonesian blockchain landscape, formulates plans, and advocates policies to government and privately owned blockchain-inclined institutions to balance out the explosive growth of blockchain technology, and the need to regulate it.

StraitsX is now the newest member of Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, following Indodax, Pintu, Luno, Rekeningku, Zipmex and many other privately owned blockchain-inclined institutions.

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