Run your business On StraitsX Stablecoins

Business Account Limits

Access all features available on the StraitsX Personal Account with higher limits.

Mint and Redeem StraitsX Stablecoins

Transfer In Singapore Dollars or U.S. Dollars from your bank account to receive XSGD or XUSD. Redeem stablecoins back as fiat to your bank account.

Build with StraitsX Stablecoins

StraitsX stablecoins are open-source and programmable. Join hundreds of companies, products and services that support StraitsX stablecoins.

Advanced Account Management

Enable user multiple-tenancy and transaction management. Monitor transactions, settlements, reporting in a single dashboard.

StraitsX APIs

Ready-built API solutions to get your business ready for digital assets

Payment API

Accept payments via traditional or stablecoin-powered payment networks.
StraitsX assigns unique bank wire instructions to each end-user of the StraitsX business account holder. The StraitsX business account maintains an internal ledger of user’s funds.

Payout API

Send and program payouts via multiple payment rails.


Get started in our sandbox

Build with StraitsX API in our sandbox environment to test our APIs for your application.


Read our API documentation

Leverage our powerful payments and payouts infrastructure to facilitate fiat and token transactions for your platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How can I set up StraitsX APIs?
What are the settlement times for StraitsX Business Accounts?
What are the transaction limits to StraitsX Business Accounts?
What are the fees for StraitsX APIs?