About StraitsX

StraitsX is the leading infrastructure for digital assets in Southeast Asia and issues StraitsX stablecoins.

StraitsX is a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. With a StraitsX account, users can mint and redeem StraitsX stablecoins, manage payments, and connect their accounts to digital asset platforms. Business accounts can also access B2B API-enabled payments rails for digital asset platforms. StraitsX is proud to be part of the Fazz ecosystem, which powers business banking in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

Be the leading infrastructure for digital assets enabling all to have access to digital growth opportunities.

Our Vision

To enable and accelerate access to digital assets for individuals and businesses in Asia and beyond.


StraitsX Team Members

SGD 5,000,000,000+

Digital Assets Related Transactions Processed


StraitsX Users

StraitsX Leadership

Kenny Chan, Head of StraitsX

Kenny Chan

Head of StraitsX
Liu Tianwei, Deputy CEO, Fazz

Liu Tianwei

Deputy CEO, Fazz

meet Our Team

Liu Tianwei

Deputy CEO, Fazz

Liu Tianyao

COO, Fazz

Samson Leo

CLO, Fazz

Victor Liew

CISO, Fazz

Our Values

We are the pioneers in our field, together, we strive to champion digital assets in Asia.
We are the partner with a helping hand, going above and beyond to provide support and care for our clients.

We strive to empower all to thrive successfully.
We embrace ideas that grow and harvest change, putting us at the forefront of innovation. We push boundaries but we do not break them.
We are friendly and easy to talk to. We aim to understand our users' challenges and provide them with appropriate guidance and support.
We stand by a high level of integrity and transparency.


Looking to be on the forefront of blockchain and stablecoin technology?
Join us in pioneering and supporting the growth and usage of digital assets in Asia and beyond!



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