StraitsX and Tokenize Xchange presents the Red Lions Airdrop!

August 2, 2022

In commemoration of Singapore’s independence this year, StraitsX has partnered up with Tokenize Xchange to bring users the Red Lions Airdrop prize pool of 10,000 XSGD and $1,800 worth of TKX! 

Airdrop details:

The promotion runs from 1st August 2022, 00:00 to 31st August 2022, 23:59 and is eligible for Tokenize users who trade an accumulated minimum of S$1,000 worth of XSGD pairs .

  • 1st Place (User who has traded the highest volume on XSGD pairings in August) will receive S$1,000 worth of TKX
  • 2nd Place (User who has traded the 2nd most volume on XSGD pairings in August) will receive S$500 worth of TKX
  • 3rd Place (User who has traded the 3rd most volume on XSGD pairings in August) will receive S$300 worth of TKX.
  • Remaining users who have traded at least S$1,000 (accumulated) worth of XSGD in August 2022 will share a prize pool of 10,000 XSGD.
  • Winners will be announced on 7th September on Tokenize Xchange platforms.

Terms and Conditions

  • The giveaway rewards are open to all Tokenize Xchange users.
  • Only trades in XSGD pairings are eligible for the campaign — BTC/XSGD, ETH/XSGD, and TKX/XSGD.
  • Eligible users will receive their share of the prize pool within one month of the campaign’s end date.
  • Each user is only eligible to receive the prize pool amount once, regardless of trade volume.
  • The top 3 winners will be announced on Tokenize Xchange social media pages weekly.
  • The final winners will be announced on 7th September 2022.
  • Tokenize Xchange reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • Any decision made by Tokenize Xchange is final.

About Tokenize Xchange

Tokenize Xchange is one of the few platforms in Singapore which allows users to buy cryptocurrencies in Singapore dollars. The platform facilitates fund top-ups through a variety of methods, including debit/credit card, direct bank transfer, and StraitsX.

Tokenize Xchange enables frictionless accessibility when users use its hybrid wallet mechanisms to purchase cryptocurrencies. It also ensures that users’ digital assets are secured from malicious attacks through extensive research and established partnerships to provide safe custody of digital assets. For more information, visit

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