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StraitsX Earn is now available for selected Business Accounts

August 3, 2022

Starting today, selected StraitsX business accounts can access the StraitsX dashboard to begin using the StraitsX Earn function for staking XSGD, earning up to 4% APY on the first 750,000 XSGD, and 2.5% APY thereafter.

In order to start using the Earn function, businesses will just need to add XSGD funds to start accruing interest. 

What are the requirements to use StraitsX Earn?

StraitsX Earn is currently only available for Singapore-registered Business Accounts.

What are the fees associated with StraitsX Earn?

There are no fees. Transactions and gas fees are all covered.

How much funds do I need to transfer into StraitsX Earn?

There is no minimum when you transfer in or out of StraitsX Earn.

What are the rates offered by StraitsX Earn?

We aim to keep our rates stable. Users will always be able to see prevailing rates before transferring funds into Earn. Interest is compounded and paid out daily at midnight 0:00 AM Singapore Time (SGT), UTC +8. 

Is there a minimum holding period?

There is no minimum holding period for your Earn balance. Users start accruing interest as soon as funds are added to their Earn balance. You will be able to request withdrawal of your funds from Earn at any time, and the withdrawal will be processed by the end of the next business day.

Register your interest for StraitsX Earn here.

*APY rates have been updated as of 9 January 2023.

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