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XSGD DeFi Showcase: Uniswap

June 30, 2021

Uniswap is a decentralised finance protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies.


XSGD users can connect their personal wallet to Uniswap to swap XSGD (ERC-20) for ETH, USDC and many other assets.

xsgd defis showcase uniswap

Users can also become liquidity providers on Uniswap, where they can earn fees by providing liquidity into XSGD pools.

xsgd defis showcase uniswap liquidity provision

XSGD on Uniswap V3

XSGD is now available on the newest version of Uniswap (Uniswap V3). With Uniswap V3, users can now enjoy the following benefits: ¹

  • Liquidity providers of XSGD users can now enjoy better capital efficiency, by concentrating liquidity within a range, allowing XSGD to stay true to its value.
  • Users who wish to swap XSGD can now enjoy lower slippage on trade executions compared to before.
  • Uniswap V3 introduces a new infrastructure, resulting in reduced gas cost compared to before.

View the XSGD/USDC pool on Uniswap.

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¹ As mentioned by UniSwap in their blog post:

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