XSGD DeFi Showcase: DFX Finance  

July 7, 2021

DFX is a decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for trading fiat-backed foreign stablecoins.

XSGD users can connect their wallet to swap XSGD (ERC-20) for 3 other fiat-backed stablecoins, CADC, USDC and EURS at competitive rates.

Users can also become liquidity providers on DFX finance, where they can earn DFX tokens by providing liquidity into XSGD pools.

XSGD on DFX Finance V1

XSGD is now available on the latest version of DFX¹, which sees the deployment of contracts that leverage an oracle powered by Chainlink to optimize forex prices on-chain, which helps to serves as a reference point for the bonding curve. 

Visit DFX finance to view the available pools.

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¹ As mentioned by DFX in their blog post: https://medium.com/dfxfinance/dfx-v1-launch-f005017f3b9b

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