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Get XSGD in 4 steps


Register for an account

Choose between signing up with MyInfo or fill in your information manually.

Link your bank account

Link your local bank account to enable bank transfers to and from your StraitsX account.

Transfer SGD in

When you initate a bank transfer into your StraitsX account, we will credit an equivalent amount of XSGD to your StraitsX account.

Spend/Send XSGD

Transfer XSGD to your personal wallet to access DeFi protocols or spend XSGD with our partners.

StraitsX Mint

Convert Singapore Dollars from your bank account to XSGD sent straight to your blockchain address.

Send SGD from your Bank

Receive XSGD in your
blockchain address

Start by linking your bank account and whitelisted blockchain address to StraitsX Mint.
Whenever you send SGD to our provided bank account, we will automatically send XSGD to your blockchain address.
Send up to 200,000 XSGD in one transaction. One time setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the verification process take?
How long does it take to process transfers?
Are there any spending limits to my StraitsX personal account?
Are there any holding limits to my StraitsX personal account?
Are there any account management or setup fees?

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