Regulatory Compliant

Issued by Xfers, a licensed Major Payment Institution under the e-money issuance framework.

Transparent & Trusted

Each XSGD will always be redeemable on a one-for-one basis with the Singapore Dollar on our platform.

Fully Backed with Fiat Reserves

Each XSGD is backed by one Singapore dollar that is being held and safeguarded in a Singapore bank.

Multi-chain XSGD

Take advantage of the speed, scalability and cost-efficiency offered by Ethereum and Zilliqa.

XSGD Statistics

Total On-chain Transactions

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Total Supply

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Total Transfers

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Active Addresses

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ERC-20 Token Contract


ZRC-2 Token Contract


See XSGD in action

Send Singapore Dollar on the Blockchain

Make near-instant, low cost transfers of XSGD globally, 24/7 in a trusted and secure manner without the need for a 3rd party clearing agent.

Interoperable across Digital Asset Markets

Transfer, spend and receive XSGD with StraitsX ecosystem partners across multiple blockchains and a wide range of supported applications.

Supported by DeFi Protocols

Leverage XSGD in Decentralised Finance applications or “DeFi”.  Swap or provide liquidity with XSGD take part in the future of finance.