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StraitsX Guides #6: Link & Whitelist Your WalletConnect Blockchain Address

October 6, 2022

Find out how to link and whitelist your WalletConnect to StraitsX today! Whitelisting your wallet address lifts the Transfer Out limit of 50 XSGD, and also enables XSGD Transfer Ins to be credited automatically to your Account Balance.

Step 1: Add a new Blockchain address

  • Upon landing onto your account page, select “Settings”
  • Select “Blockchain Addresses” and click on “Add New”

Step 2: Connect your private wallet

  • Select “Link with your wallet”
  • Select the “WalletConnect” option
  • A WalletConnect modal with a QR code will pop up

Using a WalletConnect compatible wallet (i.e. TrustWallet), you can now create a connection via scanning the QR code. Approve the selected wallet to be connected with StraitsX on your mobile phone.

Upon successful connection, you will next be prompted to verify your wallet. 

Step 3: Whitelist your wallet address

  • Select “Verify and Sign” on the StraitsX dashboard
  • Select “Confirm” on your mobile phone

Once you have submitted your signature, a confirmation modal will appear on your mobile phone. Once you have selected “Confirm”, your wallet address is now set to be whitelisted, and the Transfer Out limit of 50XSGD will be lifted.

The verification process may take a few minutes, and an email confirmation will be sent to you once your wallet has been verified.

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