StraitsX is now a member of Blockchain Association of Singapore!

February 11, 2022

StraitsX is now the newest member of Blockchain Association Singapore, joining Visa, ConsenSys, PWC, Ledger, Tokenize Exchange, Huobi, Nansen, Independent Reserve, STACS, Algorand, Tezos, Zilliqa, TripleA and many other privately owned blockchain-inclined institutions.

Chia Hock Lai, Co-chairman of the Blockchain Association of Singapore said, “We are delighted to welcome StraitsX, the issuer of the XSGD stablecoin to BAS. Against the backdrop of a record year of crypto-related investments last year worth $1.48 billion, we remain optimistic that growth will continue. We believe that a stablecoin issuer like StraitsX is one of the key elements that make a vibrant blockchain ecosystem in Singapore."

Aymeric Salley, Head of StraitsX said, “Joining BAS is yet another example of our commitment to enabling access to the digital asset space in Southeast Asia. BAS brings together the Singapore blockchain industry to engage with regional and international stakeholders and regulators to discover solutions and bring value to the Singapore ecosystem and we look forward to contributing to that effort.”

About Blockchain Association  Singapore

The Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) seeks to empower its members and the community to leverage blockchain and scalable technologies for business growth and transformation. Th Association is designed to be an effective platform for members to engage with multiple stakeholders - both regional and international - to discover solutions and promote best practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.

It aims to promote blockchain literacy and build a strong talent pipeline for the digital economy in Singapore. BAS also aims to accelerate the development of blockchain companies operating in or entering Singapore, and their subsequent integration and acceleration into the Singapore blockchain ecosystem.

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