StraitsX is proud to be part of Fazz

August 30, 2022

Xfers and Payfazz have jointly announced that both companies joined forces and are now to be called Fazz!

Following this announcement, StraitsX is proud to announce today that it is now part of the Fazz ecosystem as its digital asset infrastructure arm. For StraitsX users and business partners, there will be no changes in the StraitsX services or offerings.

Fazz is an ecosystem of financial services that is made up of 4 products: Fazz Agen, Fazz Business (business account for Southeast Asia), StraitsX (payments infrastructure for digital assets) and Modal Rakyat (mutual cooperation funding for MSMEs).

StraitsX is the leading infrastructure for digital assets in Southeast Asia and issues StraitsX stablecoins. StraitsX enables inclusive access to digital assets for real-world trade and commerce. We provide new payment and settlement possibilities and systems that challenge the traditional financial sector by creating more effective and accessible digital financial solutions.

Together, Fazz and StraitsX share a common mission of making the future of finance accessible for businesses of all scales to build, run and grow in Southeast Asia. 

StraitsX is proud to play a role on this journey and contribute to accelerating financial access as part of Fazz.

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