Product Updates

XSGD and XIDR are now supported on Sablier!

April 19, 2022

XSGD and XIDR are now available on Sablier! Receive or pay out XSGD orXIDR in real time using Sablier’s money streams.

Sablier is a protocol for real-time finance built on the Ethereum blockchain that enables continuous, autonomous and trustless payroll. Similar to streaming a movie or song, Sablier lets you stream money or payments in real-time. 

Sablier's money streams can be used in many different ways. As an individual, streams allow you to receive your salary in XSGD or XIDR by the second . As an organisation, Sablier’s technology helps XSGD and XIDR holders to automate monthly payrolls. After a one-time deposit, Sablier’s smart contracts will allow "streaming" of XSGD and XIDR towards the payees, at a rate per second based on the duration set by the payer.

To start using Sablier, head over to After you connect your Ethereum wallet, select a token from the list (XSGD, XIDR, DAI, USDC), type an amount, enter an Ethereum address, select a duration and confirm by clicking on the “Create stream” button. Then, sit back and let Sablier do the job for you! 

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