StraitsX Guides #4: Link & Whitelist Personal (Non-custodial) Blockchain Address

April 28, 2022

Dipping into the world of digital assets and StraitsX’s partners’ DeFi protocols is made possible with your own, personal (non-custodial) blockchain address. Below, we outline the steps to link and whitelist your personal (non-custodial) blockchain address.

Step 1: Selecting “Link Blockchain Address”

Upon landing onto your home page, select “Link Blockchain Address”.

Step 2: Selecting the blockchain address & network types, then inputting your blockchain address string

Then, select the type of blockchain address. In this case, it would be a personal (non-custodial) wallet address.

Following that, select the compatible blockchain network. We only support Ethereum and Zilliqa networks.

You may also add a nickname to this wallet address to reduce confusion.

Scroll down and input your personal (non-custodial) wallet address string. We recommend using the copy (ctrl/cmd+c) and paste (ctrl/cmd+v) to reduce any errors. 

Step 3: Confirm your blockchain address details

Confirm the details that you have put in. Please double-check for any errors or inconsistencies.

Step 4: Linking Blockchain Address is successful. Acknowledge the on-screen message to start whitelisting.

Your personal (non-custodial) wallet address has been successfully linked to StraitsX. However, it needs to be whitelisted for you to be able to freely transfer funds between StraitsX and your personal (non-custodial) wallet.

Acknowledge the on-screen message to start the whitelisting process.

Step 5: Click “Verify Now”

Here, you will return to your home page. Scroll down, click “Blockchain Addresses”.

Your newly added personal (non-custodial) wallet will show up as one of your blockchain addresses. Click “Verify Now” to start the whitelisting process.

Step 6: Funding your StraitsX account with XSGD or XIDR via bank transfer

To begin the whitelisting process, you will need to deposit either XSGD or XIDR into your personal (non-custodial) wallet. 

You can simply transfer Singapore Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah from your bank account to StraitsX, and it will show up as XSGD or XIDR in your StraitsX account.

Step 7: Transfer Out XSGD or XIDR from StraitsX to your personal (non-custodial) wallet

Here, select “Transfer Out.”

Then select “XSGD” or “XIDR Stablecoin”.

Select your personal (non-custodial) wallet blockchain network. Scroll down and transfer your desired amount in XSGD or XIDR. 

Step 8: Begin the process of transferring back

Here begins the process of transferring XSGD or XIDR from your personal (non-custodial) wallet back to your StraitsX Personal Account.

Select the second option in this screen to begin.

Step 9: Transfer back XSGD or XIDR from your personal (non-custodial) wallet to StraitsX

Here, you will mirror the actions for step 7, but for the “Transfer In” tab.

First, select a transfer method. In this case, select “XSGD” or “XIDR” stablecoin.

Then, select the blockchain network that your personal (non-custodial) wallet is compatible with. Note that we only support Ethereum and Zilliqa networks.

We also recommend that you have enough funds in your personal (non-custodial) wallet to pay for network or gas fees.

Once that transfer has been completed, the linking and whitelisting of your personal (non-custodial) blockchain address is complete!

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