StraitsX ID Business Account Launch

January 17, 2022

We are excited to announce that Business Accounts are now available for our Indonesian businesses!

With the StraitsX Business Account, businesses in Indonesia will be able to access the following features:

business account dashboard straitsx

Increased Business Account Limits

Initiate payments, manage transactions for easy collection and disbursement of funds. Access all features available with the StraitsX Personal Accounts, but with higher limits.

Mint & Redeem XIDR

Transfer in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) from your bank account to mint XIDR in your StraitsX Business Account. Transfer out XIDR from your StraitsX Business Account as Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) back to your bank account.

Build with XIDR

XIDR is open source and programmable on multiple stablecoins. Join hundreds of companies, products and services that support StraitsX.

StraitsX APIs will be coming soon for Indonesian businesses. Interested in building with XIDR? Contact us here!

Advanced Account Management

Enable user multi-tenancy and transaction management. Monitor transactions, settlements, reporting in a single dashboard.

Ready to take your business to the future of finance? Sign up for a StraitsX Business Account here!

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