XIDR DeFi Showcase: Zilswap

January 21, 2022

ZilSwap is a fully on-chain, decentralised exchange running on the Zilliqa blockchain.
XIDR users can connect their wallet to ZilSwap to swap XIDR (ZRC-2) for ZIL, and many other assets.

XIDR DeFi showcase zilswap

Users can also become liquidity providers on ZilSwap, where they can earn ZWAP tokens by providing liquidity into XIDR pools.

XIDR DeFi showcase zilswap liquidity provision

How to provide liquidity to XIDR pools on Zilswap

  1. Go to https://zilswap.io/pool and connect your personal wallet by clicking “Connect” on the top right corner.
XIDR DeFi showcase zilswap zilbridge

2. Ensure that your XIDR (ZRC-2) is in your personal wallet. Find out how to XIDR (ZRC-2) from your StraitsX account to your personal wallet in this article!

3. Once your wallet is connected, select XIDR and ZIL as tokens you want to deposit. Input the amount you want to add to the pool. You can specify the amount in XIDR, and Zilswap will automatically calculate the other cryptocurrency’s swap rate at the pool's current rate. Then click on “Add Liquidity”.

XIDR DeFi showcase zilswap zilbridge 2

 4. Make sure you need to have enough ZIL in your wallet for gas fees in order to provide liquidity on selected XIDR pools!

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