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StraitsX Guides #3: Link your Singapore bank account

March 31, 2022

After verifying your StraitsX Personal Account, it is time to link your Singapore bank account. This will enable you to add funds into your StraitsX Personal Account, and those funds can then be used to transact within the world of digital assets, and DeFi protocols.

Below, we outline the steps to link your Singapore bank account:

Step 1: Select “Link Bank Account”

On the homepage, navigate to “Transfer In”. Then select “Bank Transfer”.

Scroll down and select “Link Bank Account”. We only allow linked bank accounts that are under your name. 

Please ensure that you have verified your StraitsX Personal Account before linking your bank account. If you have not, see the steps to verify your StraitsX Personal Account here.

Step 2: Select your bank & input your bank account number

You will be greeted with a dropdown list of Singapore banks. We only support Singapore-licensed banks. If you cannot find your bank in our list, please open a bank account with any of the listed banks.

Then, input your bank account number. Ensure that it is correct.

Step 3: Confirm your bank account details

StraitsX will show you a confirmation screen that shows your bank name and account number. Ensure that it is correct, and click “Next”.

Step 4: Verify your bank account

The next step is to verify your bank account. To do so, you may Transfer In funds from your linked bank account to your StraitsX Personal Account.

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