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StraitsX Insights #10: How can blockchain technology & stablecoins be used to digitalise & tokenise assets?

August 4, 2022

Key takeaways

  • Assets like oil, gold, commodities, real estate are relatively inaccessible
  • Blockchain technology allows for fractional ownership
  • Fractional ownership represents a way to access new capital & investors
  • Stablecoins can settle tokenised assets on-chain quickly & at lower costs
  • Get XSGD & XIDR stablecoins on StraitsX
  • Trade digital assets via StraitsX OTC

The tokenisation and digitalisation of physical assets is one of the most compelling use-cases for blockchain technology and stablecoins – they make assets like oil, gold, real estate, commodities, and many others a lot more accessible. This opens up ways to access new capital and investors.

High barriers of entry to trading in commodities

Traditionally, commodities would require businesses and investors to transact in large quantities and is only available to select group of investors. This presents a high barrier of entry for investors looking to expose themselves to such asset classes. For businesses, it means that raising capital through these means will be inflexible.

Blockchain technology allows fractional ownership of assets

Tokenising assets using blockchain technology allows them to be issued globally at any time. This provides investors access to fractional ownership of physical assets like art, antiques, fine wine, real estate, vintage cars, and many others.
Fractional ownership is beneficial for both businesses and investors. This lowers their costs as they do not need to issue via banks or list on a public stock market, and provides new avenues to raise capital.

Stablecoins provide price stability to transact with tokenised assets

Tokenised assets would require a blockchain-native payment solution. Stablecoins are the solution as they provide price stability for both businesses and investors to transact with.

StraitsX stablecoins like XSGD and XIDR are redeemable on a one-for-one basis with their respective fiat currencies, both of which are held in a regulated financial institution.

Stablecoins provide fast & transparent tokenised asset settlement on-chain, with lower fees

Tokenised asset settlements are facilitated by smart contracts, which use stablecoins as their payment mechanism. Smart contracts automate transactions such as disbursing dividends and coupon payments, whilst the ledger records them in real-time. The ledger is irreversible, adding transparency for both businesses and investors.

Smart contract automation removes the fees associated with middlemen who process payment reconciliation and transaction monitoring. The only fees that businesses and investors have to pay are gas fees, which are based on the blockchain network’s load. 

Stablecoins are accessible

Stablecoins can be stored, sent, and received by anyone who has an internet connection. Stablecoins can also settle offline. StraitsX stablecoins, XSGD and XIDR, can be easily obtained by linking the user’s bank account to their StraitsX Account and then transferring funds. 

Get access to XSGD & XIDR via StraitsX OTC 

StraitsX welcomes individuals, MSMEs, or institutions to trade digital assets like XSGD, XIDR, USDC, USDP, and BUSD. Trades start from US$50,000, and users can enjoy dedicated business support and near-instant local bank transfers.

StraitsX OTC trading is a simple, four-step process

straitsx otc process

Trade over US$500,000 with StraitsX OTC to receive a StraitsX-branded Ledger Nano S for free. Find out more StraitsX OTC here.

Open a StraitsX Personal or Business Account to get started with StraitsX OTC 

Experience the StraitsX OTC feature by opening a StraitsX Personal or Business Account.

  1. Sign up for a StraitsX Personal or Business Account.
  2. Verify your identity and upload the required documents.
  3. Link your bank account with your StraitsX Account to get XSGD or XIDR.
  4. For transactions of up to S$200,000, use the StraitsX Mint feature.
  5. Get access to all features available to the StraitsX Personal Account. Business Accounts get Personal Account features plus user multi-tenancy and transaction management.
  6. Transfer Out your XSGD or XIDR to any one of our DeFi partners via a personal, non-custodial wallet:  DFX, Uniswap, and Zilswap.
  7. Pool your XSGD or XIDR on DFX, Uniswap, and Zilswap to swap and redeem between different stablecoins such as USDC, EURS, and others.
  8. Alternatively, you can pool your XSGD or XIDR on our partner DeFi protocol to reap attractive yields with low slippages.

Note: If you are a high net worth individual, or institution, you can take advantage of StraitsX’s OTC Desk feature that offers deep liquidity and OTC block trades.

StraitsX and our DeFi partners are especially catered for our Indonesian and Singaporean users because of our native support of XSGD and XIDR. This would allow our regional investors to trade in their home currency, as opposed to factoring in the conversion of their home currency to the US Dollar (USD), minimising transaction fees, and slippages.

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